7147 Full Power Follow-Up Steering Cylinder

The 7147 is a compact but powerful cylinder that can be configured to turn manual steering into power steering. This happens by adding a full power follow-up valve and servo-cylinder onto the main cylinder.

The 7147 is best used on boats that are 30′ to 80′ long (9,15 m. to 24,4 m.) long, where less turns in manual mode are desired. A source of hydraulic pressure is required to govern this cylinder. It is capable of handling up to 8 gallons (36,3 l.) of fluid per minute at 1000 PSI (68,7 bar). A key feature is redundancy, allowing for switching back to manual steering should the full power follow-up functionality fail.

Features & Options

Only Available in Balanced Version
Made of Bronze & Stainless Steel
Not Available in Unbalanced Configuration