PA-1250 Accu-Steer Hydraulic Power Assist Steering Unit

The Accu-Steer PA-1250 hydraulic power assist steering unit removes the need for manual steering by providing “finger-tip” control of marine vessels. This unit can be used on inboard or outboard applications as well as boats with single or multiple engines.

The PA-1250 is installed anywhere between the helm and the steering cylinders on a hydraulic steering system. This unit requires 12Vdc or 24Vdc to operate in power steering. It seamlessly reverts to manual if power is not available, ensuring you always have control.

The ideal helm pump has a volume in the range of 2.5 inch³ to 3 inch³. Multiple steering stations and autopilots are easily accommodated.

Features & Options

Works with Existing Autopilots
12 and 24V Options