Kobelts 5312-SH provides several key features that provide ease of maintenance. This is including a modular actuator design that utilizes a separable hollow rod cylinder. This brake also has a low ‘k’ spring stack with less than 6% torque loss per mm of stroke.

Built to withstand even the harshest environments, the 5300 series brakes are ideal for emergency braking duty on draw-works, hoists and conveyors.

The 5312-SH has a normal force of 82,750 lbs. (368.2 KN) with a minimum disc diameter of 59.06″ (1500 mm), a shoe width of 11.81″ (300 mm) and a running clearance of .06″ to .12″ (1.5 to 3 mm).

The 5300 Series brakes also have optional sintered brake pads available for high energy applications. Also available are optional release, wear and temperature sensors for better maintenance predictability.


All of the 5300 series brakes can also be fitted with pressure applied actuators for service braking applications. Each caliper consists of two halves which are mounted on either side of a mounting plate or pedestal using specified mounting hardware. 5300 disc brake calipers can be used on any disc having a minimum diameter. There is no upper limit on disc diameter or thickness.

The braking force is applied by the disc springs through the spring guide and wear adjustment screws to the brake shoe and thus to the friction pads. Brake shoes are kept in position by shoe pins. Braking force is transmitted to the main housing through the reaction pin.

Its caliper housing contains the spring chamber. The hydraulic cylinder is spigoted to the actuator base plate and can be positioned to orient the air bleeder and inlet port in any position. A cylinder assembly is held onto the spring guide using a bearing locknut. The air gap is adjusted manually by turning the hexagonal adjustment spindle.

Optional instrumentation units are available to indicate: full retraction of the brake, need for air
gap adjustment and disc temperature

Features & Options

Optional Sintered Brake Pads Available For High Engergy Applications
Optional Release, Wear and Temperature Sensors Available