9000 Rotary


Kobelts 9000 series of two passage rotary unions are well suited for liquid cooling or lubrication applications.

Kobelt rotary unions are ruggedly constructed featuring brass or stainless components, Teflon seals and sealed ball bearings.

The 9000 series rotary unions are rigidly secured to the rotor by means of a code 61 flanged connection. Available in -24C61, -32C61 and -40C61 flange sizes.

Note: This chart predicts the total pressure drop through the rotary union for water. To estimate the pressure drop for other fluids, multiply by the ratio of the specific gravities. For simplicity, this chart
ignores the minimal effects of viscosity.

Features & Options

Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
Code 61 Flanged Connection
Maximum Pressure 400 PSI
Temperature Range -30º C to +120º C