Kobelts 5028-CM combination caliper disc brake offers the benefit of having both service and parking brake duty in a single, compact package. The service chamber is using a diaphragm for accurate braking control.

This brake is built primarily of bronze and stainless steel. It provides a solid, long-lasting braking solution for even the harshest, most corrosive conditions. This brake is well suited for service braking applications on drawworks and more.

The 5028-CM is intended to be paired with Kobelt’s 4″ x 10″ [102 mm x 254 mm] series ventilated discs. With a minimum 42″ (1.067 mm) disc diameter, and a maximum disc diameter of 52″ (1.321 mm).

All Kobelt brakes feature a shoe design which allows the brake pads to be easily and quickly changed while leaving the caliper in place.


The foundation plate to support the brake caliper must be designed to withstand the maximum braking forces generated by the brake caliper. The foundation must also be flat to ISO tolerance grade IT8 and square to the brake disc. A brake pedestal must be designed to allow the mounting bolts to be inserted
from underneath. The rotating element should have bearings sufficient to carry the weight of the disc. It also resist the additional stress when the disc brake is applied. The spigot that centers the brake disc must not be designed in such a way that it impedes the thermal expansion of the disc.

Brake discs are shipped with a light rust inhibitor applied to the surfaces. Remove the rust inhibitor using solvent and a cloth prior to installation.
Any guarding around the brakes must provide enough room to allow full extension of the bake actuators plus full pad wear adjustment.

The piping to the brakes must be adequately sized to ensure rapid response times in all weather conditions. It must be selected to safely withstand the pressures required to operate the brakes.

Features & Options

Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
Easily Changed Brake Pads