5023-SA Spring-Applied Air-Released Caliper Disc Brake

The 5023-SA spring-applied air-released caliper disc brake is built entirely of bronze and stainless steel. It is providing a solid, long-lasting braking solution for even the harshest environments. These caliper disc brakes are well suited for parking or emergency braking duty on draw works, hoists, winches and more.

The 5023-SA comes in several different mounting configurations, matched well to Kobelt’s 2″ (51 mm) discs. With a minimum of 20″ (508 mm) diameter, and no theoretical maximum disc diameter.

All models allow for ease of replacement of brake pads and shoes. This is lowering overall cost of ownership.

Features & Options

Available in Air & Hydraulic Configurations
Replaceable Shoes & Pads
Asbestos Free