6525 Control System


Kobelts 6525 Electronic Propulsion Control System is a sophisticated propulsion control system. This system is capable of controlling single engine, twin and three engine vessel installations, from 1 up to 8 control stations.

This system is laptop programmable microprocessor for flexible options.

There is an unlimited wiring length.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the heart of this Kobelt 6525 Electronic Propulsion Control System. A CPU monitors all input information from the control heads and their associated switch panels. Also the actuator position indicators and the synchronizer inputs. The CPU also controls and positions the actuators. It communicates with the control stations through panel lights and sonalerts.


The purpose of an actuator is to operate the clutches, throttles or trolling valves, as they all require mechanical positioning.

Electronic actuator models 6531 and 6528 (general position) are single function actuators that can be fitted with a spring return if desired.

Electronic actuator models 6524 and 6527 are dual function actuators that have a mechanical disconnect function.

The CPU repositions the actuators by sending electrical signals to their drive motors. The corresponding movements of the actuators are fed back to the CPU by a gear operated potentiometer to complete the control loop.

Normally this system will be installed with a 6501 illuminated electronic control head or 6505 electronic control head. Other control heads options are in consulation.


To determine the right system for your vessel we need to know type of engine(s) and gearbox(es) and if they are electronic or mechanical. Also the number of engines/gearboxes and how many stations you would like to have.

DCS is able to install this system with a back-up panel with a throttle and gearbox signal alarm for the gearbox. Installed with a custom made foil panel in the wheelhouse for ease use.

Features & Options

Up to 8 Stations