2570 Series Universal Pneumatic Control Heads

The 2570 series is a set of universal pneumatic control heads that can be configured to actuate or control almost any pneumatically driven system. All 2570 control heads come with a combination of 3804 four-way valves and 3230 pressure compensating valves.

This series can provide single handle, dual handle, dual compensator control over single or twin engines on marine vessels. Or pneumatically controlled machinery or applications that require multi-function control using valves and switches.

Contact us to discuss your application and requirements. This is to see how a custom pneumatic control system can be built for your needs.

Photo shown is of a 2575 control head.

Features & Options

Illuminated Version Available
Available in Chrome, Black or Brass Finish
Available for Multiple PSI Strengths
Available with Multiple Handle Types
Water Tight (IP56)