2030 Side Mount Single Handle Mechanical Control Head

The 2030 is a large bearing side-mounted control. This control is providing 3-1/4″ (82 mm) of cable stroke for either a clutch or throttle. It is especially intended for such applications as sailboat clutch or throttle control. It can also be used on many industrial and marine applications for controlling variable delivery hydraulic pumps, rotary or sliding levers and devices with relatively small mechanical forces. A neutral or mid position adjustable detent or friction is supplied as standard equipment. The output cable attaching flange can be rotated at 90 degree increments.

This 2030 control head is only available with one length of handle.

Cable connection kits must be ordered separately. Available for 30 Series and 40 Series cables. As well as the push pull cables that we can produce in our own workshop.

Features & Options

Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
Multiple Versions
Limited Handle Types Available