Auxilliary Propeller “Get Home” Drive

The Keypower Get Home Drive, also known as an Auxiliary Prop Drive, is a hydraulically driven, clutched gear box. It mounted in a vessels main drive line. This drive provides power to turn the vessels propeller by means of auxiliary engine horsepower when the main propulsion system is shut down or disabled. It also allows for driving the vessel at low speeds, where it is undesirable to operate a large main engine, at or near idle speed for extended periods of time.

Keypower Get Home Drives come in two sizes; the KP4500 and KP6000. Both come equipped with high quality AGMA8 gear sets. The drives run off the auxiliary engine so that the vessel burns less fuel. This while it is providing propulsion in the event of a main drive line failure.

Features & Options

Hydraulically Driven
Max. Output: 350 to 400 RPM, 40 to 70 HP