KP 8 hydraulic


The KP 12 hydraulic thruster model offers from Kobelt 25 HP with a propeller RPM of 1,500. It requires 16 (60 l.) GPM and 2,500 PSI (172 bar) to operate. The bronze or aluminum propellers offer solid performance and last, providing tremendous value over time.

This KP 12 hydraulic thruster is a durable, high quality thrusters that provides manouverability and control in difficult environments. The Keypower line of thrusters fits almost any configuration where a bow or stern thruster is required on a vessel.

Keypower thrusters consist of the thruster, a drive motor, switch box and controls. We can also provide the tubes for the thruster for ease of installation into a hull. A as well as other components, including an HPU, providing a complete system.

NOTE: The number of gallons per minute and PSI figures may be lower or higher respectively in international markets.

Tunnel thrusters are meant to assist in docking, station keeping and manoeuvering in tight spaces and are typically installed to an athwartships tunnel that goes through the vessel’s hull (standard installation). Kobelt also offers transom mounted thrusters which do not attach to a tunnel but instead mount to the transom of a vessel. Thrusters are powered by a hydraulic motor which is mounted to the thruster saddle. The direction of thrust is determined by the input device drive direction and can be reversed.


Your actual operating parameters may vary due to the effects of hull and tunnel geometry on thruster performance. Additionally, Kobelt can supply a different motor that it is better suited to your vessel’s existing hydraulic system and would operate at different flow and pressure.

Parts are available on request.

Kobelt can supply fibreglass, steel and aluminum tubes for your thruster if desired. If you wish to supply you own tube, be aware that the wall thickness must be correct for proper alignment of the thruster. You may be required to build up to the thruster saddle for thinner tubes.

Features & Options

Auger-Style Propeller for Equal Thrust in Both Directions
Bronze Construction for Durability and Strength
Low Maintenance