KP 8 hydraulic

KP 40 Hydraulic Bow & Stern Thruster

The KP 40 hydraulic thruster model offers 400 HP with a propeller RPM of 700, with GPM and PSI configured based on the application. The bronze or aluminum propellers offer solid performance and last, providing tremendous value over time.

This KP 40 thruster is a durable, high quality thruster that provides manouverability and control in difficult environments. The Keypower line of thrusters fits almost any configuration where a bow or stern thruster is required on a vessel.

Keypower thrusters consist of the thruster, a drive motor, switch box and controls. We can also provide the tubes for the thruster for ease of installation into a hull. As well as other components, including an HPU, providing a complete system.

NOTE: The number of gallons per minute and PSI figures may be lower or higher respectively in international markets.

Features & Options

Auger-Style Propeller for Equal Thrust in Both Directions
Bronze Construction for Durability and Strength
Low Maintenance