3803 Mechanically Actuated Four-Way Block Mount Valve

The 3803 is a mechanically actuated, sub-plate mounted four way directional control valve. It is a poppet type valve consisting of two normally closed three-way valves with a common supply port. Movement of the desired spool stem into the valve opens the chosen three-way valve and directs the air supply to the chosen directional output.

Weight: 0.62 lb. (0.28 kg) Materials: Die cast silicon bronze and stainless steel hardware. Maximum Supply Pressure: 250 p.s.i. (17,2 bar) Operating Temperature Range: -40ºC to +90ºC Spool Stem Travel: 0,175” (3,92 mm) Recommended Sub-plate Port: 1/8” N.P.T.


  • Used mainly in Kobelt dual function control heads 2544 and 2545 as a directional control valve.
  • Used wherever a mechanically actuated four-way directional control valve is required

A repair kit 3803-RK is available.

Features & Options

Available with of without flow control