7095D Steering Cylinder

The 7095D steering cylinder is a durable, solid cylinder that offers strength and flexibility in sizing and rudder movement for marine vessels. Made for larger rudder sizes and twin tiller arms, it is only available in an unbalanced version.

For unbalanced, the 7095D has the following torque, stroke and displacement ranges. Assuming two cylinders at 2,000 PSI (138 BAR) at a 35 degree rudder angle / 45 degree rudder angle.

 65,405 to 122,605 lbs. ft. (9,043 to 16,951 kg/m)  /  45,780 to 85,800 lbs. ft. (6,329 to 11,862 kg/m)
Stroke: 16″ to 30″ (406 mm to 762 mm)
Displacement: 550 in3 to 1,031 in3 (9,013 cm3 to 13,519 cm3)

Kobelt requires a steering gear torque or rudder calculation be done before sizing or ordering any steering system, to ensure the correct mix of pressure, displacement, stroke, parts and torque.

Photo shown is the 7094, similar to the 7095D.