6657 Integrated Steering & Propulsion Electronic Control Head

The 6657 Integrated Steering & Propulsion Electronic Control Head provides propulsion controls for clutch and throttle. Plus full follow up (FFU) steering rudder control, all comfortably operated by a single hand. This control head is ideally suited for a navigation station with limited space due to its compact footprint.

It provides clutch and throttle propulsion control. It is available in either Single or Twin Engine handle configurations. Push the lever forward 20° to engage the forward gear. Push the lever another 60° for your throttle control from engine idle to maximum RPM. From the upright position, pull the lever backwards for reverse operation. Available with single or dual 5Kohm potentiometers for propulsion signal output.

This control contains illuminated position gauges and is available with single or dual potentiometers for the steering systems. It is intended for use with electric over hydraulic steering systems for rudder angles up to 45° per side. The head is constructed entirely of die cast bronze complimented by stainless-steel hardware for longevity in a marine environment.

It’s housing is finished in a combination of painted black and chrome.

Features & Options

Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
Illuminated Panels Available
Requires Other Kobelt Electronic Components to Complete System