7243 non drain


Kobelt’s 7243 Non Drain Back Valve is the replacement for the 7143 and 7153. 

The 7243 is an essential component of power steering systems. It allows the helm pump to operate reliably when power-driven hydraulic pumps are not operational. This valve retains the hydraulic fluid in the steering system, ensuring the helm pump remains functional.

When used with a Kobelt 7147 or 7148 power assist steering cylinder, it is important to have a buffer system to allow for shifting to manual mode.

When the 7243 non drain back is installed on a servo steering system, all helm pumps must have non-vented plugs. The header tank must also be sealed (non-vented). Also the return line from the header tank must go directly to the main tank.

The 7243 requires a minimum pressure of 200 psi (13,8 bar).