HPU200/300/400: Accu-Steer Hydraulic Power Unit

The Accu-Steer HPU200, HPU300 and HPU400 hydraulic pumps are designed to interface hydraulic steering with electric/autopilot control. Its compact and rugged construction provides ease of installation along with long-life operation. These units are available in different voltages and a wide range of flow rates for both standard and custom requirements.

Load holding valve, two speed adjustable flow control and built in pressure relief along with anodized manifold are a few features of the HPU series.

HPU200, 300 and 400 provides up to 2 (7,5 l.), 3 (11,3 l.) and 4 (15,1 l.) GPM respectively. The built-in pressure relief valve is factory set at 750 PSI (51 bar).

This pump set is suitable for vessels from 30’ (9 m.) to 150’ (45 m.) in length depending on the vessels steering characteristics.

Features & Options

Robust Performance
Dependable Operation
Continuous Running
Available in 12VDC and 24VDC