4602 Hydraulic Servo Cylinder

Model 4602 is a very compact and non-hunting servo cylinder. It is used to control stiff throttles (mechanical governors).

Push-pull cables are not suitable for heavy workloads as they will generate a lot of friction in the system. Control over the engine speed can therefore be very difficult. The use of this cylinder in such applications will provide infinite and fingertip control. The output movement is absolutely proportional to the input movement.

A 4602 cylinder together with a 3015 pressure hold back valve can also be used as throttle delay. This is however only possible if the gear has a differential oil pressure from neutral to the engaged position. The adjustable pressure hold back valve keeps the 4602 servo cylinder inoperative until gear engagement takes place. Once gear oil is high enough to open the 3015 valve, oil is permitted to flow to the servo cylinder activating the throttle mechanism.

A repair kit 4602-RK is available.

Features & Options

Mechanical Actuation
Easy to Install and Operate