Kobelts 6506 side mount electronic control is a solid, single level control. It is ideal for single level clutch and throttle or any combination of CP propeller and trolling valve applications.

This control is water tight, and equipped with adjustable friction, detent and one or two potentiometers. Which is allowing, if applicalbe, for use of the second as a spare or backup.

The 6506 requires a 6507 Mode Selector unit to function.

It is suitable for a Mighty Mariner system or a 6525 system to control engine throttle, clutch engagement or propellor pitch.

The handle has three detent positions; one at neutral plus another two to correspond with clutch activation points in both ahead and astern. Both detents and handle friction are user adjustable.

The 6506 is supplied with a gasket for either indoor or outdoor installations and the handle is splined to permit user selectable handle orientation.

Kobelts 6506 control lever contains one or two potentiometers. Operating the control lever causes the vessel to engage in the ahead direction when rotated CW. When the lever is released it stays at the set position and does not spring back to centre. The operation of the lever can be reversed by swapping wires at the remote panel.

Features & Options

Water Tight
Available in Black, Chrome or Bronze Finish