Kobelts 6508 is an illuminated electronic control head, constructed from bronze and stainless steel but for interior use only.  It typically comes mounted on a 4 switch base, allowing for similar functionality as the 6509. The 6508 is the bigger version of Kobelt 6501 electronic control head.

This controle can be equipped with two potentiometers per handle. Which is allowing the second to be used as a spare or backup.

It is capable of being used in multiple control head configurations and suitable for a Mighty Mariner system or a 6525 system.


The 6508 unit uses a water resistant keypad but is not waterproof. This membrane key pad has four standard switches and provides:

STATION SELECT: Permits the transfer of engine control to another station. On power-up, station
control automatically is assigned to station 1 (main station).

STATION LOCK: Allows the operator to lock out the other control stations.

THROTTLE OVERRIDE: Disables the clutch function so that the engine can be operated to full throttle
without turning the propellors. This feature is useful for engine warm-up or testing.
To return to the normal operating mode, return the handle positions back to neutral (TDC) and press the button again.

SYNCHRONIZER: Pressing this button enables the propellor speed synchronization feature, which uses external speed sensors to measure the speed and permit the controller to match the engine speeds. The operator only needs to move one or the other throttle handle to control both engine speeds.
When pressing the button, the light will flash until the engine speeds are synchronized. As long as the engine speeds are within the controller dead-band, the light remains solid on. The synchronizer function is not available when the propulsion controls are in trolling mode

Features & Options

Available for the Mighty Mariner and 6525 Systems
Illuminated Control Head
Available in Black, Chrome, Bronze & White Finish
Not Water Tight