X-Series for 25-60 feet boat Interceptor

The X-Series of Humphree is avaliable in five standard sizes. Intended mainly for boats 25-60 feet (7,6-18,3 m.). They deliver the same reliability and superior performance as all larger Humphree interceptors. The X-Series features the same control system, ultra-fast servo actuators and control panel. For superior control of dynamic hull motions they all have an interceptorblade with a powerful 50 mm (2”) stroke.
The X300 and X450 are also an excellent choice for high performance RIBs.
For boats with stern drive a special “13 degree” mounting plate is available for a perfect fit.

  • Five standard sizes: X300, X450, X600, X750 and X900. 300 – 900 mm
  • Stroke length: 50 mm
  • Mounting plates: 20 mm composite or 20 mm aluminium
  • Transom thickness:
    • Short shaft kit (standard), <80mm transom thickness
    • Long shaft kit (option), <140mm transom thickness
  • Bureau Veritas approved through-hull design

50 mm (2”) blade stroke

The powerful 50 mm (2”) stroke is needed for superior control of dynamic hull motions. To control boat list effectively it is essential to position the lift force as far out from the keel as possible creating a large righting arm. For this reason Humphree use minimum 50 mm stroke on our interceptors. The interceptor force must quickly build up as close to the chine as possible, providing fast response and keeping the boat at even keel in a safe and comfortable manner.

When placing lift force over a wide area of the transom, much more lift force needs to be generated to create the same counteracting boat movement and this will typically cause undesired trimming of the boat generating a bow down condition causing a bad behaving boat. X-Series full 50 mm blade movement ensure that the lift force can be positioned where it should be positioned – close to the chines! In a boat larger than 55 ft a wider part of the transom can be used as the trimming effect drops with the size of the hull.


Humphree systems provide unmatched onboard comfort for the world of leisure yachting. It provides features no other system can match in terms of ACTIVE stabilization, performance and reliability over time. This system lowers roll and slamming by up to 50%. And it feels like even more. Your family boat ride will be a whole new experience.  Interceptors make the difference between enjoyment and seasickness; between low and high fuel consumption and between bad and excellent visibility at the helm.

Humphree Interceptor systems can be configured to provide Auto trim function, Auto List control, Coordinated turn, Active control (combined auto list & auto list) and Active+ (combined auto trim, auto list and coordinated turn).

Features & Options

For Smaller Boats
Available in 12V or 24V DC
Low Maintenance