Kobelts Accu-Steer HRP05/11/17 series of hydraulic reversing pump units are designed to interface hydraulic steering systems with autopilot or electric steering control systems.  These pump-sets should be paired with an appropriately sized steering cylinder. For example a Kobelt’s 7040 Steering Cylinder to achieve proper rudder speed.

The HRP05, HRP11, and HRP17 are complete pump assemblies each consisting of a reversing gerotor gear pump, hydraulic lock valves, suction, make-up check valves, a valve housing manifold, and an electric permanent magnet motor.

The HRP05/11/17 works with both balanced and unbalanced cylinders. When unbalanced cylinders are used it is recommended that a vented header tank is used to allow for the expansion and contraction from the unbalanced cylinder.

The HRP pump-sets are designed as an intermittently operated unit for normal steering applications. High demand applications will over work the motor and cause over heating.

The motor temperature has a maximum limit of 248ºF (120ºC). Allowing the temperature to exceed this limit will permanently damage the motor windings. The maximum oil temperature limit is 149ºF (65ºC).

These HRP “Whisper Quiet” light duty pump-sets are available in three models. The HRP05 outputs 0,5 The HRP11 outputs 1 and the HRP17 outputs 1.6 All typically used for light duty applications.

All HRP pumps are available in 12VDC and 24VDC configurations with optional short shift (SS).


Kobelt HRP Hydraulic Reversing Pump-sets are designed to interface a hydraulic steering system with electric or autopilot control. The output flow rate of the pump set determines the actuation speed of the steering cylinder.

Ideally, the location of the pump-set should satisfy the following conditions:
• Within 6 feet (1.8 m) of the steering cylinder.
• Below the steering cylinder for ease of connections and bleeding.
• Placed on a horizontal shelf or bracket.
• Not exposed to direct sunlight or any source of heat.
• Provide a foundation sturdy enough to prevent the transmission of excessive vibrations.

Features & Options

12 VDC and 24VDC Available
Rugged Compact Contstruction
Easy Installation
Whisper Quiet Operation
Interfaces with Most Autopilots