Lightning by Humphree is an automatic trim & stabilization system suitable for 20-45 ft (6-13 m.) boats. The combination of advanced technology, user-friendly interface, mobile app integration and beautiful underwater LED lighting system is what truly sets it apart.
No matter what propulsion system you use, outboards, electric, stern drive or inboard, this new system will be the perfect choice for new buildt boats or when you refit a used boat. It will take you to the next level.

Even the most modest waves can create motion on board and the human body is simply not made for this.

At Humphree, they create technology that automatically measures and countermeasures boat motion and transforms the entire experience on the water.

The technology takes seasickness out of an otherwise enjoyable ride. Therefore it greatly improves the conditions for people spending time at sea.


Enjoy a smoother ride with this groundbreaking lightning by Humphree. With the automatic functions Auto Trim, Auto List, Pitch Control, Roll Stabilization and Coordinated Turn you will reach the next level of boating.


The system is easy to handle. Just activate the automatic functions from your control panel and the advanced technology will do the work.


Combined with the advanced sensors the ultra-fast electric actuator blades with a 2” (50 mm) stroke makes the difference.

Lightning by Humphree is the result of 20 years of experience in the trim and stabilization industry and the advanced automatic interceptor system is suited for smaller boats between 20-45 ft. The efficient interceptors will help to reduce your fuel consumption by 5-20% so that is great for our environment!

Under Water Light
Under Water Light


  • Suitable for boats 20-45 ft (6-13 m.) and fits any propulsion type (Outboard, Sterndrive, Traditional propeller shaft, WaterJet)
  • Interceptor comes in two sizes L300 and L450, both with 2” (50 mm) stroke. An Adaptable Chine Version is available.
  • 12/24V compatible
  • New Control Panel with 3.5” colour touchscreen, possible to flush mount
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • HTML5 integration ready
  • Control unit with built-in Advanced Gyro and Accelerometers
  • Waterproof components – Interceptor servo, Control Unit and Control Panel
  • Integrated Servo unit with a robust gearbox
  • Full 2” (50 mm) stroke in 0,65 sec
  • Below or above water line thru-hull cabling
  • Easy installation thanks to the mounting bracket

Features & Options

Fuel Savings
Less seasickness